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Hair Treatment

Best Hair Colour Salon in Dubai, Oud Metha

Giving you the finest quality in hair care services, Get Glow Salon is a renowned name for best hair treatment salon in Dubai, Oud Metha. Our services not just include using chemical services but our experts offer you services for a proper transformation of your style as well as in depth care of your tresses. Hair care services prove to be best when the routine is set according to the individual care rituals and the intensive care relaxes not just the body but also the soul, with a promising massage that nourishes you inside out. Addition of luxurious attempts in taking care or you lustrous, long tresses. With the changing lifestyle, we face endless problems that hamper the look and eventually turning up to be a disaster in long run. We at Get Glow salon, the best hair treatment salon in Dubai, Oud Metha help you get over any hair related problems such as thinning, dryness, scalp issues, hair loss and many more. Keeping you out of frenzy of choosing your care routine yourself. A dedicated team of hair experts look in all directions from nourishment to reconstruction and hair shine, also come to the strengtheningof hair, if you style them frequently. Keratin treatment helps you retain the lost keratin of your hair due to many reasons such as use of chemicals or else ageing. Hair fall treatment (L'Oreal) is another way to stop facing excessive hair fall. If your hair fall remains out of control for no known reason, you can also opt for Botox treatments to save you from the embarrassment of heavy hair fall. Coloured hair treatment (L'Oreal) or Pro keratin treatment (L'Oreal) saves you from all the excessive and undue damage your hair face on daily basis. On the other hand while we give you very damaged hair treatment (L'Oreal)for ultimate care of your hair, it simultaneously becomes our duty to check your scalp for other problems and if you face dandruff then to suggest you with Anti dandruff treatment. An add on to this we also offer Olaplex treatment and Olaplex add on to prevent all the damage your coloured hair may go through. A hair repair treatment considered the best if offered with best techniques. Brazilian Keratin helps you retain the frizz free and the fuss free texture of your hair keeping them as soft a natural and adding shine to them.

Price details:

Hair Treatment
Keratin 600+
Brazilian Keratin500+
Olaplex Treatment150+
Ola Plex Add On50+
Hair Fall Treatment ( L'oreal)150++
Anti Dandruff Treatment150++
Very Damaged Hair Treatment (L'oreal)150++
Coloured Hair Treatment (L'oreal)150++
Pro- Keratin Treatment (L'oreal)150++